Clients rely on ANABEEB during tight time pressures and we do everything possible to make sure that delivery of equipment and equipment breakdowns do not delay project completion. ANABEEB Plant Machinery & Transport supports our Operational Divisions by handling logistics and carrying out maintenance of all our vehicles and equipment.

Maintenance crews constantly monitor equipment and carry out regular preventative maintenance and we keep a complete stock of all quick moving spare parts to ensure minimum delays for repairs.

By investing in the latest, proven technology from leading European and US equipment manufacturers we are able to complete turnarounds and projects faster and more efficiently. Complementing our best-in-class equipment is our large transport fleet, which ensures our resources get to and from job sites safely, and our team of dedicated site coordinators who ensure efficient mobilization and demobilization of resources to project sites.

ANABEEB has over 325 vehicles, including: vacuum trucks, water tankers, diesel tankers, flatbed trailers and horses; low beds; 55-seater, 30-seater, and 15-seater buses, ambulances, and dedicated food buses.

Our vehicle fleet is extremely reliable as it is well maintained by our in-house mechanics that employ the latest tools and methods, whilst in-house driving instructors undertake continuous training and evaluation to make sure our drivers’ skills are of the highest standard.

Despite receiving first-class maintenance we recognize breakdowns can occur and ANABEEB takes precautionary steps to minimize downtime due to equipment failure. To this end fully equipped mobile containers and technicians are present throughout turnarounds so repairs can be carried out on-site. We also keep Senior Technicians with plant IDs on standby to support field maintenance teams as required.

Clients can relax when they have ANABEEB equipment and vehicles on-site because they can be assured of the highest standards of quality and reliability.