With over 2000 permanent professionals – up to 4500 in our busiest periods – and the largest, best-maintained fleet of European and American-made equipment, ANABEEB has the largest pool of top quality resources in the Middle East. We are also able to effectively deploy these resources more efficiently than any other maintenance contractor in the region.

ANABEEB is also the most experienced contractor, having carried out hundreds of large-scale turnarounds with a track record of successful completion, on-time and leak free. It is for these reasons that refineries, petrochemical and other industrial plants are so keen to have ANABEEB support them with their maintenance needs


Turnarounds play a vital role in maintaining consistent productive capacity and are an expensive undertaking that can affect an operator's bottom line if mismanaged: it is a major project that requires sound planning, execution and control.
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Onsite Maintenance Services[+]

ANABEEB can deploy specialist teams and equipment to industrial facilities for short and long term periods under a blanket-rate contract. This integrates our deep maintenance knowledge into a plant and allows our breadth of experience to be drawn upon by operators as-and-when required.
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Catalyst Handling
Water Jetting
Industrial Vacuming
Chemical Cleaning
Decoking & Pigging
Reactors & Reformers
Heat Exchangers
Columns & Vessels
Tank Maintenance

Since recognizing the benefits of offering multi-disciplined services, ANABEEB has developed a strong mechanical engineering division to support your operations with maintenance, overhauls, upgrades, repairs and installation works on all types of stationary equipment.
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Furnace & Reformer Revamp
Flares & Chimneys
Flange Integrity
On-site Machining
Online Leak Sealing
Testing & Inspection
Pipeline Tunneling