Training & Development

In order to improve the quality of our manpower ANABEEB has established a dedicated Training & Development Department with a team of full time certified trainers and a state-of-the-art training center. Every day our in-house trainers provide an up-to-date program to bring current and new employees to a higher level that will enable us to remain the best industrial services company in the Middle East.

Skill Test
ANABEEB is committed to the health and safety of its employees. We meet all relevant Health and Safety regulations and have been OHSAS 18001-2007 certified since February 2012. The OSHAS Standard is based on the methodology known as Plan-Do-Check-Act.

Specialist Training
Specialist training courses for specific activities such as High Pressure Jetting, Catalyst Handling, Fitting and Safety are regularly reviewed to ensure all programs are are in accordance with the latest standards and regulations.

All ANABEEB personnel who are issued certificates for specialist activities (such as HPJ, BA, and Rigging), are periodically re-examined to ensure consistent high standards.

Refresher Courses
Whenever our operational workforce have idle time in between jobs the Training Department provides refresher training to ensure that the knowledge and skills of our manpower are up-to-date.

Training Facilities
ANABEEB has a number of fully equipped class rooms in several locations, an indoor IRATA climbing center which is also used for all BA, confined space and Manhole watch trainings as well. ANABEEB also has a brand new high-pressure water-jetting yard in which instruct our Jetters in the latest, safest techniques, and allow them to practice.

Coaching of current and new (supervisory) people is important. To let the people grow to the satisfactory level of the more demanding client, to let them grow in their career and to follow an established path to follow new careers. In this view a career development path has been developed from Foreman up to Project Leader. Training programs for our core activities has been developed as well.

During busy work periods our full-time instructors operate as on the job mentors that check whether specific operational procedures are being followed and provide additional operational support and guidance to our manpower. The information they will gain will be used to update training programs, draw attention to individual training needs, and analyze the effectiveness of our training programs.

English Language Center
ANABEEB English Training Centre was inaugurated at our labour camp on 24 February 24th 2014. This Centre is where our employees can develop their English skills so as to improve their ability to communicate with our clients. Currently we have programs for beginner and intermediate levels. At the end of each training course, the participants are tested on their speaking and listening skills and certificates are given out.