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For more than 35 years we have deployed the latest equipment and techniques to support the oil & gas and the petrochemical industry in the region. ANABEEB executed significant brown field construction and turnaround services including mechanical works, catalyst handling and pre-commissioning services. We offer more than 50 service items to our clients including planning services for their shutdown and maintenance.


To be known for our capability in providing end-to-end industrial & plant maintenance solutions.


Create added value to the client while achieving sustainable returns!


With over 2600 permanent professionals – up to 5500+ in our busiest periods – and one of the largest, best-maintained fleet. ANABEEB has the largest pool of top quality resources in the Middle East. We are also able to effectively deploy these resources more efficiently than any other contractor in the region.

ANABEEB is also the most experienced contractor, having carried out hundreds of large-scale turnarounds and shutdown with a track record of successful completion, on-time and leak free.


Industrial Services



Onsite Maintenance Services

Industrial Planning


To refine our quality of services and enhance the in-house capabilities, we form technical alliances with companies that have specialist service/product offerings.

About Us

ANABEEB possess one of the largest pool of quality resources in the Middle East with the most experience. Our targets are to meet the safety, quality and schedule; the three keys of success to our valuable client.


COVID-19 prevention to keep our Employees and Community SAFE

19 Mar 2020

In adherence with the general enforced recommendations circulated by the ministry of Labor, Anabeeb is asking for your full cooperation in applying the below staff attendance measures at our company offices in Jubail, Yanbu and Rabigh from today for 15 days.

Contractor of the Year Award 2019 from SASREF

19 Mar 2020

Anabeeb is honored to receive the Contractor of the Year Award 2019 from SASREF.


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Join our talented and exceptional team, and enjoy a dynamic, energetic and diverse culture targeting one goal, enhancing the industry around us through innovation.

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Eastern KSA​
Arabian Pipeline & Services Co.Ltd. (ANABEEB)
Jubail, P.O. Box 234 Jubail 31951, Saudi Arabia.
E: info@anabeeb.com
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F: +966 13 361 4990
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Western KSA​
Arabian Pipeline & Services Co.Ltd. (ANABEEB)
Yanbu, P.O. Box 234 Yanbu 30915, Saudi Arabia
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F: +966 13 361 4990
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Arabian Pipeline & Services (ANABEEB)
Doha, P.O. Box 40218, Qatar
E: qatar@anabeeb.com
T: +974 4450 3716
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Arabian Pipeline & Services (ANABEEB)
Abu Dhabi, P.O. Box 34856, UAE
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T: +971 2 692 8900
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Arabian Pipeline & Services (ANABEEB)
Muscat, Maktabi Bldg no 121, Al Wattayah,
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T: +968 2456 1946
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Arabian Pipeline & Services (ANABEEB)
Mangaf, P.O. Box 7718
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